Net  Worth  2021  $ 3.7 Billion

Steven  Spielberg  born  ( 18 December 1946 ) it’s only fair that the man behind Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park is one of the richest people in Hollywood. While that has made him a fortune, it’s not the bulk of it. A bet he placed with his friend George Lucas on which film would be more successful: Lucas’ Star Wars or Spielberg’s Close Encounters, earned him 2 .5% of the backend gross of Star Wars. The other transaction that has led to Spielberg’s multi-billion fortune is having a theme park clause thrown into his contract with Universal, back in the late 80s. Universal was cash-strapped and couldn’t afford an up-front fee like other studios at the time could afford. Spielberg would serve as a creative consultant on any theme park attractions related to his films, and any film he directed would stay at Universal. The theme park consulting perk paid Spielberg 2% of all park ticket revenue as well as a portion of park concession revenue in perpetuity. Spielberg’s annual payout exceeds $50 million. That number will keep growing unless he agrees to a buyout. The clause allowed Spielberg a chance to exit the deal in June 2017 and collect a one-time payment equal to the value of the contract. That would have been worth about $535 million in mid-2017. Spielberg elected to stay in the deal and that means he could ultimately see a payout of $1 billion or more for his theme park clause. By 2017, Comcast was the parent company of Universal. Comcast and Spielberg agreed to a new deal in which Comcast took an ownership interest in his film studio, Amblin Partners in a deal that could ultimately pay over $1 billion.

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