Net  Worth 2021   $ 19.5 Billion

Shanu  Hinduja worth of $19.5 billion, the Hinduja family is listed at #55 2018 The World’s Billionaires and #4 on India’s Richest 2018: The Top Ten Billionaires.

As a senior member of the Hinduja Group, Hinduja S.P. Shanu is Chair of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, Chair of the Hinduja Foundation US, and Co-Chair and Director of Hinduja Global Solutions Inc.

A graduate of finance, global leadership and luxury lifestyle at INSEAD Business School in France, the Monaco resident is also the founder of her brand and foundation, SheByShanoo7, and a leading advocate for gender equality and the evolving role of women in the economy.

Hinduja Bank was founded in 1994 and specializes in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Why did you choose to invest in this part of the world?

Hinduja S.P. Shanu: Asia and the Middle East are home to many of the world’s “emerging markets”—but at the bank, we would call them “growth markets”; this part of the world is enjoying dynamic productivity and wealth creation.

That is why, in addition to London and the Swiss market from our base in Geneva, we cover the UAE from Dubai, as well as maintaining a presence in Mauritius and Chennai (India).

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